Q u o t e M o n s t e r

QuoteMonster retrieves free historical, end of day, and intraday stock quotes for import into your favorite charting program. QuoteMonster will read your list of stock tickers and retrieve quotes for all of the tickers in your list.

New Java and Perl Versions updated Aug 27, 2004 QuoteMonster is easier to use and configure than ever! We've kept the command line interface so you can use QuoteMonster in your scripts, but we have reduced the number of configuration options and rewritten the application in Java. To download QuoteMonster for Java, click here. If you would rather use the perl version click here.

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Source Code and API CD Now Available!

We've put everything you need on this CD. You get QuoteMonster for Java, QuoteMonster for Perl, source code, the java API so you can write your own QuoteMonster applications, a historical data library with several years of historical quotes for stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (pink sheet) stocks. Also included are complete ticker list files for all of these exchanges that you can use with QuoteMonster. Best of all, we have slashed the price from $49 to $25! (plus $7 express shipping).

What people are saying about QuoteMonster

Thanks for the great program, it works fast and efficient, its a pleasure to use.

I just downloaded your QM and installed it ... works fine and is much faster than the method I was using just yesterday.

I would like you to know that I am pleased with the program.

Thanks for writing QuoteMonster. It's FANTASTIC!

QM is a real handy utility.

QuoteMonster for Java works perfect! Thanks for writing it!!

QuoteMonster is awesome!!

Need tickers? For a zip file containing tickers for AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTCBB stocks, click here.

NEW! TickerMonster - Download the latest tickers directly. TickerMonster is a perl script, so you need the perl interpreter from perl.com. It's free and so is TickerMonster!! Click here to download.